On a Friday morning, Steffany Upschulte headed out to her yard where her two dogs were playing. She had her back to them but could hear them running.  As she turned to face them, they collided with her left leg.

Pictured (L to R) are QMG Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Douglas Navasartian, Steffany Upshulte, and QMG Now Physician Dr. Timothy Jacobs.

“I got myself up and out of the yard and decided I better go to walk-in to get checked out. Going into the weekend, I just had a bad feeling about it,” she said.

This all happened at around 6:40 in the morning. Steffany knew Quincy Medical Group’s QMG Now (Ambulatory Care Center) opened at 7 a.m., so she got herself ready and drove in to make sure all was ok.

She got checked in and, with no wait at all, met with QMG Now physician Dr. Timothy Jacobs.

“He checked me out and then wanted me to have an x-ray.  He got a wheelchair for me, and he personally took me over to x-ray. He didn’t have a nurse or someone else do it; he took me over and made sure I got checked in. I thought that was great,” she explained.

Her x-ray showed that she hadn’t broken a bone, but Dr. Jacobs wanted her to get a thorough evaluation from one of the orthopedic specialists at QMG. He called over to the Orthopedics department, and from there, Steffany went to see QMG Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Douglas Navasartian.

After he examined her injury, Dr. Navasartian told Steffany he wanted to get an MRI to get a closer look, and called to get her in that day for an MRI.

“Dr. Navasartian explained everything. He really took the time to make me feel comfortable and make sure I understood what was going on.  I’ve never had an injury like this, and for him to take the time, it really meant a lot,” Steffany said.

In the meantime time, Dr. Navasartian arranged with QMG’s Physical Therapy team to get her a brace and crutches.

“Dr. Navasartian’s nurse took me over to physical therapy, where I got a crash course on using crutches. The therapist made sure I felt comfortable and personally wheeled me back out and helped me get in my car,” she shared.

As she got situated in her car, she got a call from Dr. Navasartian sharing the next steps, which included plans for a follow-up visit.

Just a few hours after walking in the doors of QMG at 7:15 that morning, Steffany had a plan and peace of mind heading into the weekend.

“Everyone in every single department went way above and beyond. They were more than accommodating, every single person from the receptionists to the nurses to the doctors, everybody.  I felt that was amazing,” Steffany shared.

After her injury happened, Steffany knew QMG was where she needed to go. QMG has always been her healthcare home, and this experience reminded her why.

“I’ve always been with QMG; my primary care doctors are there. I see Dr. Frazier and Dr. Mero, and they, along with Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Navasartian, are so down to earth. I’ve never felt rushed in and rushed out. That means a lot.”

To learn more about QMG Now (Ambulatory Care Center), visit https://quincymedgroup.com/qmgnow/.  To learn more about QMG Ortho Now, visit https://quincymedgroup.com/qmgorthonow/.