When we left the Chicago area, some people were like ‘Why Quincy?’ I am very happy with the choice we made. My wife is able to focus on raising our children full time, and my sons are what I consider to be thriving. Bryant was the valedictorian of Quincy High School.

-Jean Alexandre, MD

Medicine the Way It Should Be

You are unique and so are we. You know that you should be the one leading the care for your patients, and you are looking for a place where you can do that.

Patient Focused, Physician Led, and Independence

We are physician owned and operated — we are doctor directed and patient focused with an incredibly strong culture.

Our Super Power? Independence — with a safety net and an umbrella. That means that our unique business model provides physicians the ability to make their own choices about how to best care for patients and the safety net of a strong administrative team to help you decide how your practice will thrive. You will also have the strength of a group of more than 105 physicians to help you weather any storm.

We Focus On Saying Yes

We say yes to innovation, transformative healthcare, and operating adeptly to embrace the ever-evolving landscape of medicine. We say yes to physicians designing practices that meet the needs of both the patients and themselves. We are sophisticated, yet nimble enough to make things happen quickly and effectively. We say yes to cultivating a culture where everyone feels included and where the organization supports each team member’s individual journey to reach their professional and personal goals.

Our Culture: By the Numbers

Invested in Growth

With a Cancer Institute and a new, state-of-the art Ambulatory Surgery Center in Quincy, we have also invested in our own strategic, vertical growth with a focus on continuity of care, patient experience, and affordability for our growing patient base. Our own Quincy Medical Group Hospital and Birth Center projects were also approved by the Illinois Certificate of Need Board in 2022. We are wholly invested in getting patients the right care, in the right setting, at the right cost, with the best experience possible.

Your Happy is Here

Quincy, Illinois, is a thriving city nestled along the Mississippi River. With a population of more than 40,000 people, Quincy is in the heart of our tri-state region. Here you’ll find a blend of charming character and practical amenities. With a vibrant arts scene and what has been deemed an “architectural gold mine” with “well-documented and well-maintained structures that date back to the 1880s” by St. Louis Public Radio, our cozy Midwestern town has much to offer. The grand homes, great schools, welcoming neighborhoods, running and biking trails, access to watersport recreation, and lush parks make this a perfect place to call home.

Ready for More?

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If you would like to learn more about Quincy Medical Group, the city of Quincy, the surrounding communities, and our available opportunities please contact Katie Schelp, Senior Director, Physican Recruitment & Practice Development, (217) 222-6550, ext. 3406, kschelp@quincymedgroup.com.