Our History, Our Future


The 1940s

QMG 11th and Maine 1945

In 1945, Physicians and Surgeons Clinic acquired the regional office of Standard Oil, located at the northeast corner of 11th and Maine. Physicians and Surgeons Clinic opened after completing an extensive remodeling and expansion program, which also included a new three-story addition on Eleventh Street.

The 1950s

The decade of the ‘50s saw many changes at The Quincy Clinic. In 1952, a major reorganization took place and more specialists were added. During this reorganization period, the name became simply “The Clinic.” A few months later though it reverted back to “The Quincy Clinic.” In order to make room for the expanding medical services, a building program was launched in 1958, in which the former Thompson residence on the adjacent corner lot of 14th and Maine and others on 14th Street were acquired and the clinic expanded to the west.

The 1960s

Space continued to be a luxury for The Quincy Clinic, and in 1969, construction started on an addition to the south to house Internal Medicine, General Surgery, ENT, Ophthalmology, and a new Optical Dispensary, and finally, adequate pharmacy quarters.


The Quincy Clinic, well ahead of its time, introduced a prompt care department in 1986, forming the Ambulatory Care Center. 

The Late 1980s & Early 1990s

QP&S Clinic went on to buy seven properties within two blocks of its 11th and Maine location. They continued to grow into a regional health center, making QP&S Clinic one of the 10th largest clinics in Illinois. QP&S Clinic valued its relationship with surrounding communities, and therefore, opened branches in Pittsfield and Mt. Sterling in Illinois, as well as in Canton and Lewistown in Missouri. This served as part of a long-range plan to deliver primary care services to areas where healthcare was less accessible.


In the spring of 1994, a new state-of-the-art medical facility was opened at 1025 Maine Street, and the brand became known as it is today, Quincy Medical Group or QMG. The name change and new logo reflected the group’s commitment to establishing themselves as a regional medical center.

The 2000s

As QMG entered the new millennium, there were decisions to be made about continuing to develop its current location on Maine Street. There were attractive options along Broadway where development was rapidly spreading. Instead, a deeper commitment was made to the Maine Street location and The District, and that led to local expansion. In April 2003, QMG hosted a grand opening for the new four-story facility at 1118 Hampshire Street, housing various medical services and offices, with the Surgery Center of Quincy occupying the top floor. QMG expanded our regional presence even more with affiliate offices in Canton, LaBelle, and Lewistown, Missouri; Barry, Mount Sterling, Pittsfield, Pleasant Hill, and Winchester, Illinois.

The 2010s

QMG remained steadfast in expanding services to meet the needs of the community and region. Our reach expanded with the addition of locations in Kahoka and Keokuk. 2017 would mark the opening of the Eye and Vision Institute, offering expanded eye exams, testing, and patient access to state-of-the-art equipment and technology unlike any services in the community. Later, in October 2018, QMG filed an application to establish an Ambulatory Surgery Center at 3301 Broadway. This became another example of QMG reinvesting back into the local community of Quincy.