Equal Opportunity Employer. Eligible employees at Quincy Medical Group are provided a wide range of benefits. A number of the programs (such as Social Security, workers’ compensation, and unemployment insurance) cover all employees in the manner prescribed by law.

Some benefit programs require contributions from employees, but most are fully paid by Quincy Medical Group.

The following benefit programs are available to eligible employees:

  • Auto mileage (business travel)
  • Bereavement leave
  • Child care reimbursement
  • Career development opportunities
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Employee discount programs
  • Family leave
  • Flex plan
  • Flexible work schedule (certain departments)
  • Free parking
  • Insurance
    • Health insurance
    • Dental insurance
    • Dependent life
    • Disability
      • Long-term disability
      • Short-term disability
    • Vision care discount
    • Life insurance
    • Supplemental life insurance
    • Insurance conversion privileges
  • Paid jury duty leave
  • Paid time off(includes vacation, sick, holiday, personal)
  • Professional licensure/certification renewals
  • Recreational activities
  • Retirement plan
    • Profit sharing
    • 401(k) savings plan
  • Special employee events
  • TB and Hepatitis testing
  • Uniform and uniform maintenance (specified departments)
  • Wellness Program