QMG Ortho Now offers immediate access to expert orthopedic care.

When you’re experiencing pain due to an accident or injury, quick care is necessary, but, in many cases, the emergency room isn’t. QMG Ortho Now allows patients to walk-in, without an appointment, to see an orthopedic provider and start on their path to recovery.

You’ll Receive Immediate Evaluation

If needed, imaging with the latest technology is available to you at a low cost. From there, your treatment plan will be determined. Your care doesn’t stop there. QMG’s orthopedic team not only treats you for the condition or ailment that is bothering you now, but addresses your long-term success by looking at strategies to prevent future problems.

QMG Ortho Now is not for major emergencies. Patients with severe bleeding or open fractures should visit the emergency room.

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    1118 Hampshire St | Quincy, IL

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    Monday - Friday

    7 a.m. – 5 p.m.

QMG Ortho Now gives you access to our orthopedics team who are here to care for a wide-range of injuries and conditions here locally.

What sets us apart is the availability of sub-specialized care. This means each surgeon has expertise in specific conditions and injuries. Each physician has focused their training, time, and efforts into a specific field, significantly increasing the level of care. If you need a joint replacement, you will see a provider who specializes in joint replacements. If you need an arthroscopy, you will see a doctor that spends the majority of their time doing arthroscopies.

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Sprains & Strains

Joint Pain

Sports Injuries

Possible Fractures