George Crickard, III, MD (left) and Terry Schieferdecker

After a long career in construction, navigating ditches and enduring long days on his feet, Terry Schieferdecker’s knees had paid the price. After retiring in 2009, the discomfort continued, progressively worsening, taking him away from his hobbies including his love for motorcycles.

Scheiferdecker decided to take action and consulted his primary care doctor, Quincy Medical Group (QMG) Family Practice Physician Nathan Seaman, D.O. That visit initiated a referral to QMG Orthopedic Surgeon George Crickard, III, M.D. who sought to get to the root of his pain.

“I’ve been putting up with the pain for so long and just getting by, but it kept getting worse,” Scheiferdecker said. “I knew when I saw the x-ray, it wasn’t going to get any better until I did something.”

On April 6, he underwent total knee joint replacement surgery on his left knee, becoming the first patient to have the procedure at the QMG Surgery Center. It marked a turning point in his life, he said, and put him on the road to recovery and to reclaiming his lifestyle.

His recovery was swift, with his mobility returning sooner than he expected. The post-operative period was smooth, which Terry attributes to the expertise of Dr. Crickard, along with the surgical and physical therapy teams.

The decision to move forward with a treatment plan that involved surgery was a joint one, said Scheiferdecker. He appreciates that Dr. Crickard empowers him to be part of the plan for his health.

“Everybody I talk to speaks very highly of Dr. Crickard. He has a good reputation of getting you taken care of, and back on your feet,” he said. “He has helped me a lot.”

Scheiferdecker’s commitment to rehabilitation with the QMG Physical Therapy team was also key in his recovery, helping him regain the strength he needed to resume the activities that bring him joy — cutting wood and riding motorcycles.

“I was back to driving to and from therapy in about two weeks. I didn’t have to use a lot of pain medication. The healing was quick and I have good mobility. I’m back to walking at the Kroc Center. I am really pleased with how my recovery has been,” he shared.

For over five decades, motorcycles have been a big part of Scheiferdecker’s life. It was passion that was often hindered by knee pain and he was ready to enjoy them once again.

“My mom always told us boys that we couldn’t get a motorcycle while we lived at home. I got married at 19 and by 20 I had a motorcycle,” he said with a laugh. “I got rid of the bikes because I was gone a lot with construction jobs, but got back into it when I retired. I just enjoy the freedom of it.”

Scheiferdecker’s journey is not over. With renewed hope, he anticipates the next chapter — the right total knee joint replacement surgery. The prospect of regaining complete mobility is something he knows is in reach and he’ll trust Dr. Crickard with his next surgery as well.

“The right knee bothers me because I’m doing so much more since I got my left knee taken care, but I’ll get the right one done and I think I’ll be in really good shape,” he shared.

He’s looking ahead to his next adventure on his motorcycle and said the care he’s received has him feeling hopeful for the days ahead.

“I recommend Quincy Medical Group to anyone I talk to about it. I’ve got no complaints. My experience couldn’t have been any better,” he said.

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