At Quincy Medical Group, we use a team approach to provide outstanding joint replacement care. From highly specialized orthopedic surgeons and advanced practice providers to experienced nurses and supportive physical therapists, our team helps you overcome joint pain and return to activities you love.

Throughout your care, your orthopedic nurse navigator will help you know what to expect. She will advocate for your needs, so that you receive personalized care, close to home.

Our surgeons specialize in different types of joint replacement, so you know you are receiving care from an expert.

Graphic view of hip jointsTotal Hip Joint Replacement

During a total hip replacement, your surgeon removes damaged bone and cartilage from your hip. The damaged joint is replaced with a metal and plastic joint. Hip replacements provide reliable pain relief for many years.

You may qualify for a hip replacement if you experience a hip fracture or have hip arthritis that causes serious pain. After your surgery and recovery, you should be able to return to work and play without experiencing pain.

Graphic View of Knee JointTotal Knee Joint Replacement

Total knee replacements are among the most common orthopedic surgeries. When knee arthritis causes pain when you walk, a knee replacement can get rid of that pain and restore function to your knee.

A knee replacement uses a prosthetic metal and plastic joint to replace bone and cartilage that’s been damaged by arthritis. Though it may take weeks to recover fully from surgery, you should be able to enjoy pain-free movement for years after your replacement.

Shoulder Joint GraphicTotal Shoulder Joint Replacement

Though total shoulder replacements aren’t very common, they offer the same reliable pain relief as other replacement surgeries. You may be more likely to need a shoulder replacement if your job or recreational activities require you to lift your arms over your head often.

Similar to a hip replacement, a shoulder replacement uses a prosthetic ball-and-socket joint to help restore pain-free movement to your shoulder. The metal and plastic joint lasts for years so you can continue to work or play as normal.

What Causes Joint Damage?