Gary & Ashley Hackmann

Gary and Ashley Hackmann are a married couple who have dedicated their careers to caring for student-athletes and helping them stay safe while reaching helping them reach their full potential. They are both certified athletic trainers at Quincy Medical Group (QMG).

Having the same career gives them a unique understanding of one another. Gary has been with QMG since 2002 and Ashley joined five years later in 2007.

The idea of becoming an athletic trainer first piqued Gary’s interest in high school after talking to his high school basketball coach. For Ashley, she was inspired by her experience with a trainer.

“I suffered a significant knee injury while playing basketball in high school,” she said. “I formed a close bond with my physical therapist/certified athletic trainer through my rehab process. She’s still a mentor of mine to this day.

The two met through a mutual friend at Tower restaurant in Quincy in 2004 and, as they say, the rest is history. In June, the couple will celebrate 15 years of marriage. Although their schedules working as athletic trainers can be a bit hectic, they have found a balance that works.

“We understand each other’s jobs and everything unique that comes along with it. We work lots of nights and weekends. If one of us has a lot of games in a particular week, the other one of us picks up the slack at home and vice versa,” Ashley shared. “We often go several days in a row without having a true night off together but it’s just something we accept and understand. We don’t harbor any ill will towards each other about it.”