Dr. Hala Saad, Infectious Disease physician

World AIDS Day is recognized each year on December 1. The recognition offers an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show support for those living with HIV/AIDS, and to commemorate those who have died.

Dr. Hala Saad is an Infectious Disease physician with Quincy Medical Group (QMG).  She said World AIDS Day is important to increase awareness of HIV and AIDS.

“We have so many people living with HIV. A lot of them are undiagnosed and a lot of them are not undergoing treatment. We need to overcome the stigma that comes with this diagnosis. In our modern days, HIV is a disease that you live with. Unfortunately, we don’t have a cure for it right now, but we can definitely help you get it under control,” Dr. Saad shared.

Effective treatment is important. She adds that just like any other person living with a chronic condition, such as diabetes or high blood pressure, people living with HIV can live full, happy lives. QMG recently added a new treatment option for HIV called Cabenuva. This medication is administered via IV injections every 2 months, instead of daily oral medication.

“People living with HIV should be able to have careers, have families, have children, and live their lives normally, happily, and successfully without any restrictions. This is what we do here in our clinic and help people achieve those goals.”

Dr. Saad specializes in Infectious Disease which includes the treatment of HIV and AIDS. She and her nurse, Jill Haubrich, RN, are here to support patients and help them receive proper care. Receiving treatment early will help with the long-term management of the disease.

“We do something called rapid start, it was proven in the literature that if you start treatment for HIV the minute you diagnose it, patients do better. I really encourage anyone living with HIV or diagnosed with HIV, to speak with the health department, their primary care provider, or our Infectious Disease department here at Quincy Medical Group.”

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