QMG Lead Esthetician Elena Homan

As the winter chill sets in, our skin often faces unique challenges that demand extra care and attention. We went to Elena Holman, Lead Esthetician at Quincy Medical Group, to get some tips on maintaining a radiant complexion even in the coldest months.

Understanding Winter Skincare Challenges:
Holman said Transepidermal Water Loss, or TEWL is a prevalent issue during winter. TEWL is the process of water leaving the body through the skin.

“Transepidermal Water Loss is a problem in the winter as our weather gets colder and the temperatures continue to drop. This causes dryness, which can also lead to redness and inflammation,” Holman explained.

To combat these effects, she stressed the importance of proactive skincare routines.

Cold Weather’s Impact and Protective Measures:
Keeping your skin well-hydrated and moisturized in cold weather is important, shared Holman. Regular exfoliation is an important step to add to your skincare routine.

 “With the dryness (and sometimes irritation) that the cooler weather can bring, it is important to not only keep the skin hydrated and moisturized, but also keep up with regular exfoliation, said Holman. “If the skin is not regularly exfoliated, your hydrating serums and moisturizers will not be properly absorbed because of excess dead skin cells.”

For a gentle exfoliation, Elena recommends using powder enzyme exfoliants, especially suitable for sensitive skin prone to inflammation.

Moisturizing’s Role in Winter Skincare:
Choosing the right products plays a vital role in a winter skincare routine. Holman suggests looking for moisturizers containing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, squalene, Sodium PCA, and essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid. These components all aid in boosting hydration in different ways.

Holman added, “You do not necessarily need a heavy moisturizer to help balance moisture levels in the skin. It all comes down to the ingredients and the quality of the product you are using.”

Combatting Winter Skin Concerns with Treatments:
For combating winter skin concerns like dryness, redness, or dullness, Holman suggests two effective treatments — Hydrafacials and chemical peels.

Hydrafacials are wonderful treatments for winter to help exfoliate and rehydrate the skin when it needs it most! This is great for all skin types. Chemical peels are also a good option during the wintertime to help provide a deeper exfoliation. This is wonderful for people who feel like they have a ‘dull’ skin appearance,” said Holman.

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