Brian and Marsha Hill

When Brian Hill was nominated for a “moment” through Moments That Matter, it took some convincing.

“We were nominated a long time ago and we’re humble people,” said Brian’s wife, Marsha. “We’ve always been givers, so to take something was hard.”

Moments That Matter, a fund through the QMG Foundation, provides meaningful experiences for individuals facing a terminal illness. The QMG Foundation team didn’t give up easily, calling Marsha from time to time to try to convince the couple to change their minds. Marsha’s coworker, Alicia Watkins, nominated Brian because she knew they were deserving.

“They, both Marsha and Brian, would give the shirt off their backs for anyone in need,” Watkins said.

The last three years have been difficult for the Hills, and Watkins wanted them to experience a moment away from their worries, if just for a little bit. In April 2019, Brian was diagnosed with Stage 4 renal cell carcinoma. After a concerning symptom, Brian was seen by QMG Physician Dr. Korhan Raif, who Marsha has worked with for 22 years. Dr. Raif ordered an ultrasound and immediately a large tumor was detected.

After surgery to remove the tumor, Brian began treatment. The diagnosis is terminal and the weight of that is difficult to live with, said Marsha, but they try to maintain a positive outlook.

“It has been a very tough road, to say the least, but he has made it three years since his diagnosis and how grateful we are,” Marsha shared.

After several weeks of persistence from the QMG Foundation team, the Hills finally said “yes” and were given a trip to Jupiter, FL, to enjoy the Florida sunshine, the beach, and some baseball. Brian is a St. Louis Cardinals fan, and got to take in a couple days of the team’s spring training. The couple was joined by their daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter.

“It was so nice and we were able to relax. Going to spring training was the ultimate goal and he got to enjoy that,” Martha said. “It was such a precious gift to have that time together.”

Brian continues with treatment. His cancer has spread to his lungs, lymph nodes, and bones. He’s now on a targeted therapy, which is a maintenance treatment.

“There’s small growth, which is great. We’ll take it. He’s able to live an average, quality of life. It’s definitely not his norm, probably never will be. He’s able to get up and go, fish a little bit, and help farm a bit on a family farm. He can’t go a full day, but he can do a little at time,” Marsha shared.

Marsha said her work family has supported them throughout their journey and that support has lifted them through this difficult time.

“I have been an employee with QMG Pleasant Hill/Barry working with Dr. Korhan Raif for 22 years and can definitely say it has been a gift. He and his wife Dr. Ayca Raif have been a huge support in this journey,” she said. “Also my work family is so supportive. It has been a pleasure working here, and I have met some lifelong friends. You just can’t put into words how fortunate one is when you are faced with major hurdles in life.”

Despite their difficult days, Marsha said there has been so much good surrounding them.

“One just does not know how life can change, but we should all be thankful for today and those who give back,” Marsha said. “There are some superb, great folks in this world and I would definitely consider QMG Foundation part of that. Thank you is not enough, but we are so grateful.”

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