Maria Williams (left) and Jan Sutherland

Jan Sutherland and Maria Williams, both part of the Oral Surgery team at Quincy Medical Group, are more than colleagues — they’re sisters. Their sibling bond, though occasionally tested in childhood (as most are!), has grown into a deep, supportive relationship that extends into their professional lives.

Sutherland recalls a playful, though slightly painful, memory: “I used to bite Maria when she would make me mad, so she chased me down and knocked out my front primary tooth — which meant no permanent replacement until fourth grade!”

Despite those early squabbles, the bond they share was always close. Today, Sutherland, Oral Surgery and Implant Assistant, and Maria Williams, Oral Surgery Dental Assistant, work together and share wonderful memories of their time growing up.

Opposites in some ways, Williams’s laid back and organized nature balances Sutherland’s high-energy personality. Though they describe their dynamic as “love-hate,” the love is undeniable. They’ve always been there for each other, through thick and thin.

Born in Long Beach, California, the sisters have a unique family background. Their mother hailed from Quincy, while their father came from London, England. Seeking a close-knit community, they decided to raise their daughters in their mother’s Midwestern hometown. The sisters shared a bedroom, and fondly remember watching the snow fall from their window at Christmas.

Their journey into dentistry began with their family dentist in Quincy. In 1985, their family moved to Gainesville, Florida, separating the sisters. But the pull of dentistry remained strong. Both Williams and Sutherland found themselves working for an oral surgeon, eventually leading Williams to follow Sutherland to Gainesville.

“Maria just keeps following me from place to place,” Sutherland said. “We can both say we love working in oral surgery more so than general dentistry.”

Drawn back to their roots, Sutherland and Williams found themselves reunited at Quincy Medical Group, reigniting their passion for oral surgery and helping patients. Their bond, however, extends far beyond the dental field.

“Our love for animals, especially our dogs, is our strongest bond. We have always been there for one another good times and bad times,” Sutherland shared.