Pictured from left to right: Lauren Kemner and Katelyn Fessenden

On this Siblings Day, we celebrate the bond between sisters. Katelyn Fessenden, nurse practitioner, and Lauren Kemner, registered nurse in oncology, both work here at Quincy Medical Group (QMG). Their younger sister, Olivia, was the inspiration for their careers.

Olivia was born with spina bifida and other medical conditions that required her to visit hospitals and clinics for surgery and follow-ups. The two sisters were witness to the care provided by nurses, which ultimately shaped their career paths.

“Essentially, my entire life I’ve been observing, learning, and training to help my sister with her medical needs. Nursing is a natural way of life for me, and I don’t know what I’d do if I wasn’t a nurse,” Fessenden said.

Kemner echoed Fessenden’s sentiments, “We both saw firsthand the amazing care that our sister received and knew that we wanted to be a part of that.”

As nurses, both Fessenden and Kemner find fulfillment in seeing the positive transformations of their patients, whether it’s physical, emotional, or psychological. They show the same compassion to them they have shown to their sister throughout her life.

“I want each patient interaction to be a positive one. When the visit is over and my patient is leaving, I hope they are feeling better than when they came in to see me,” Fessenden said.

The two admit to being competitive with each other growing up, but despite that sibling rivalry, the sisters grew to have a lasting influence on each other when it comes to their careers. Their dedication to improving the lives of those in their care is a testament to the power of sibling love and inspiration.

“Having a sister entering the nursing field has been a driving force to continue to do better. We often have mutual patients, so I will often utilize her oncology expertise to answer my questions or help my patients to make for a smoother transition in their treatment plan,” Fessenden shared.

The lessons they have learned through Olivia’s journey have made them better nurses, they shared. In being there for their sister during her struggles, they found inspiration and purpose to make an impact on others.