September is Family Fitness Month, and a great time to get active with your family.  Below are creative ways to transform the game of tag, and get active while having fun!

Bandaid Tag
In this version of the classic game, all players can tag and be tagged. Once a person is tagged, he or she must put one hand on the spot they were touched to make a bandaid. Tagged again? Make a second bandaid with the other hand and continue to run. If a player is tagged for the third time, they must visit the “hospital” – a designated spot outside of the boundaries – and complete ten jumping jacks to heal and rejoin the game.
Hot Dog Tag
This delicious deviation from the classic starts with one person designated as “it”. When a player is tagged, he or she must lay flat on the floor with hands by their side and legs together, as if they were a hot dog. To get back into the game, two free players need to lie on either side of the “hot dog” to form the buns. The person who is “it” cannot tag any of the three players completing the hot dog, as they are allowed to join back in.
Animal Tag
To prepare for this zany zoo game, mark four different areas as “cages” and decide on one person to be “it” (the “zookeeper”). Divide the remaining players into four groups and designate one person to play the part of the “monkey” – the mischievous player whose role it is to free the others from the cages. Each group chooses an animal and a movement for the game, i.e. kangaroos can hop, cheetahs can run, horses can gallop, etc. To begin, the animals are set free to move around, but if tagged must return to their respective cage. While the zookeeper is trying to lock up all the animals, the monkey is letting everyone loose!