QUINCY, IL – A breakthrough in computed tomography (CT) technology is enabling physicians at Quincy Medical Group to obtain clearer images of the body. Quincy Medical Group is among the many healthcare facilities in the U.S. to offer the SOMATOM™ Definition AS CT scanner with the innovative FAST CARE platform that helps to maximize clinical outcomes, while providing automation tools that can potentially improve patient satisfaction. Additionally, the system helps achieve outstanding images at a lower dose through its innovative Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure (CARE) features. With features like X-CARE, the direct radiation is dramatically reduced to sensitive organs such as breasts, thyroid and eye lens. The direct radiation to the female breast is about 40% less overall dose. The FAST CARE technology has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan as  the industry’s most effective solution for optimizing exam speed, image quality and radiation dose exposure in CT imaging.

 The capabilities of the SOMATOM Definition AS scanner enable physicians at Quincy Medical Group to examine patients of all sizes.

The SOMATOM Definition AS at QMG comes equipped with some of Siemens newest technologies to overcome daily challenges in medical imaging. For example, many patients, not just the elderly, may have implanted metal devices – devices such as hip implants, dental fillings, etc. These devices can oftentimes cause metal artifacts that can distort clinical images or even render them unreadable. Siemens’ Iterative Metal Artifact Reduction (iMAR) technology helps provide additional diagnostic information by reducing metal artifacts — even in the most challenging cases. The result is an outstanding image quality with metal artifacts reduced, while valuable information remains. “This new technology allows us to obtain detailed images even when orthopedic hardware is in place.  This is a tremendous benefit in patient care,” said Dr. Rena Stewart, Quincy Medical Group Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon.

SOMATOM Definition AS delivers a comprehensive range of CARE applications for dose reduction. These include, for example CARE kV, which is software that enables the SOMATOM Definition AS to suggest the correct tube voltage depending on the patient’s anatomy and the organ to be examined. All other parameters are automatically adjusted to suit the selected kV level. Based on a comparison of current scanners currently available on the market, voltages commonly used today lie between 80 and 140 kV (kilovolts). However, CARE Child CT examinations can be performed using just 70 kV, enabling the potential for reduced dose in pediatric imaging.

Fully Assisting Scanner Technologies (FAST) offer efficiencies which may simplify and automate time-consuming and complex procedures in computed tomography. This improves not only the workflow, but may make it easier to operate the equipment and to reproduce results.

FAST Spine can reduce the work of preparing for spine reconstructions, resulting in considerable time savings. With just a single click, the operator can select the desired region of the spine from a list of typical predefined scan regions. FAST Spine then determines the correct position of the planes to be reconstructed and identifies all vertebrae and intervertebral discs accordingly. This may result in considerable time savings.

Quincy Medical Group is dedicated to bringing the latest technology and care to our patients. For more information about the new SOMATOM™ Definition AS CT scanner ask your provider or call the CT Department at 217-222-6550 x6321.