QUINCY, IL – Quincy Medical Group (QMG) is building a patient-centered, physician-led, nonprofit, small-format hospital to expand access to the latest high-quality, low-cost care. A certificate of need application seeking approval of the new Quincy Medical Group Hospital has been submitted to the Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board (HFSRB).

The small-format hospital is part of QMG’s ongoing mission to transform care for the region, empower patients and their physicians, enhance care coordination and health outcomes, expand the community’s choices in healthcare services, and reduce costs.

QMG Hospital will be located adjacent to QMG’s Cancer Institute and Surgery Center, representing the ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality care best suited to patients’ needs while revitalizing existing vacant spaces in the community.

“We have dedicated our lives to our patients. Serving the communities where we live and work is who we are at QMG,” said Dr. Rick Noble, Interim Chief Medical Officer of QMG. “Improving healthcare is essential to supporting the region as we work together to build a better future. We are grateful to be part of a medical community that puts patients’ needs first.”

QMG Hospital will have 25 beds, an emergency department with 10 bays, 3 operating rooms, and 1 procedure room. Additionally, it will have 3 labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum rooms and a C-section suite. The hospital will also include a lab, pharmacy and imaging department and more, meeting all State and Federal requirements. Several medical-surgical rooms will be equipped to serve as negative pressure rooms, or isolation rooms, to aid in infectious disease outbreaks.

“QMG has been on a mission to transform healthcare for the residents of the tri-states, and specifically the Quincy area. We want to provide more affordable healthcare, an unparalleled care experience, and we believe that happens when patients and physicians work together throughout the care experience. We believe that the best outcomes for patients are achieved when physicians lead healthcare.” said Carol Brockmiller, Chief Executive Officer of QMG.

For more information about the Quincy Medical Group Hospital project, visit www.quincymedgroup.com/transform.

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