Quincy Medical Group is committed to providing a positive experience for our patients.  In recent months, QMG has made tremendous strides to improve access to patients, and these efforts have been noticed.  For the first time since beginning to survey patients, we have gone “green”, the highest rating, in the domain of Access to Care.

With a score of 88.4% in this category, this places QMG at the 96th percentile of approximately 1,100 other facilities and over 200,000 other providers nationwide.  As recently as September of 2016, QMG scored in the 50th percentile or below in the area of Access to Care.

Feedback gathered in this category captures the patients’ feedback as it relates to the time it took to get an appointment, timeliness of return calls, and the length of wait time during appointments. This domain is broad and plays a large part in the patient’s experience.

This dramatic change in scores would not be possible without the efforts and determination of so many throughout the organization. “I’m so proud of the work we’ve done to continually improve patient access to the high-quality services we provide,” said Maria Berhorst, QMG CCO.  I’ve seen providers take charge, clinical staff step up to the plate, and support staff offer their help in every way they are able. It has taken a true team effort to get to this point, and I hope we all take a moment to celebrate our accomplishment.”

QMG’s patient experience journey has seen many successes recently.

  • Over the last six months, QMG has celebrated seven providers and their offices who have gone green in all seven domains of service –Recommend this Provider, Access to Care, Provider Rating, Provider Communication Quality, Nursing, Customer Service, and Care Coordination.
  • The Customer Service domain score has increased 2% since this time last year. This domain is focused on the interaction of the reception staff with patients.
  • Our Nursing score is a mere 0.4% from “green.”

Quincy Medical Group’s goal is to go “green” or be in the 95th percentile in the nation when it comes to Patient Experience domains.  QMG will continue to work to improve our services to meet the needs of our patients in the region.