QUINCY, IL – Quincy Medical Group (QMG) is pleased to announce the installation of a 3T MRI machine. The new scanner, the SIGNA™ Pioneer from GE Healthcare, creates the highest-quality images currently available and also decreases scan time for patients.  QMG is the only medical facility in the immediate region to offer the advanced technology.

The scanner is built with contemporary architecture. Dolly Little, Director of Imaging Services with QMG, said, “The addition of the 3T MRI will help decrease the need to repeat sequences, resulting in quicker scan times for our patients.  Often our patients are in pain, and lying still for an extended period can be rather challenging.  Being able to obtain imaging that is needed to make a diagnosis in a shorter amount of time is going to be great for our patients.”

The 3.0T MRI unit will offer exceptional anatomic detail, particularly beneficial for brain, spine and musculoskeletal imaging.

Dr. Adam Derhake, Orthopedic Surgeon with QMG, says the scanner will enhance care for patients with orthopedic injuries and conditions. “The evaluation of orthopedic sports medicine injuries is critically dependent on accurate MRI imaging.  The 3T MRI is going to allow a much greater visualization of pathologies that should greatly enhance our ability to quickly and accurately make orthopedic diagnoses.”

Dr. Douglas Sullivant, Neurologist with QMG, adds patients with neurological conditions will also see benefits. “It’s like a better telescope/microscope or HDTV, beings it is faster with higher resolution images. Potentially obtain scans within a quicker timeframe and perhaps even improve access to care.”

QMG will also add a 1.5T MRI early summer of this year. For more information on QMG, visit quincymedgroup.com.

Check out our video below to watch the process of bringing in our newest addition.