QMG Pediatrician Dr. Samuel Healy

Dr. Samuel Healy is one of our pediatricians here at Quincy Medical Group. As part of Patient Experience Week, he shares more about what patients mean to him.

Why makes your time with patients special?
“I think being able to spend time with my pediatric patients is extremely important. One of the special things about my job is that I get to follow kids as they grow. I see all of my kids frequently throughout the first 2 years of their life. I get to see the milestones they reach, and the amount of growth and development they go through during that time. I get to see all of my pediatric patients at least once a year as they get older, if not multiple times with illnesses and for other reasons. It is rewarding to get to know them and their families and follow along with them throughout their childhood and into early adulthood.”

What does providing a good patient experience mean to you?
“It is extremely important to provide a good experience for not only the children we take care of but also their families. We try to have a relaxed environment in the office and to be very friendly and caring. I also like to explain things to parents in terms that they can understand and to make sure that they know exactly what is going on with their child. I make a point to discuss things that may come up between that visit and the next so that parents and families are prepared for things that may come up at home. I also want to ensure that there are no outstanding questions before families leave the office. This is what makes the best patient experience in my eyes.”