QMG ENT Physician Dr. Paul Conrad and QMG Physical Therapist Kristin Thompson

Preparing to move to a new state and start a new job isn’t an ideal time for major surgery, but Quincy Medical Group ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) Physician Dr. Paul Conrad knew he would be in good hands in his new home.

This past summer, just two weeks before he moved to Quincy, Dr. Conrad had a total hip arthroplasty in Maysville, Kentucky, where he had his ENT practice. Three weeks after surgery, he had his first day at QMG and just two weeks later he started seeing patients.

He’s grateful for QMG Orthopedic Surgeons Dr. Adam Derhake and Dr. George Crickard, as well as QMG Physical Therapist Kristin Thompson, for helping him make a smooth transition to his new home while healing.

“I resumed physical therapy here three weeks after surgery, at which time an evaluation was done to not only check my wound, but also start my physical activity on an increasing basis and specially designed exercises to get strength back in my right leg and buttock muscles,” he shared.

After his surgery, Dr. Conrad’s right leg is now slightly longer than his left leg, and his hip replacement has resulted in changes to his normal standing and pelvic positioning. So Thompson worked with him, showing him and helping him perform balance exercises to adjust to his new equilibrium. Because of this, his lower back and right knee pain have disappeared as well.

Dr. Conrad started physical therapy back in Kentucky and he’s grateful to Thompson for seeing him through to a full recovery.

“Compared to my physical therapy team in my small town in Kentucky where I came from, it seemed that the exercise plans here are more strenuous and geared towards your improvement quicker,” he shared.

In addition, Dr. Conrad took advantage of an app provided at QMG to help him keep up his therapy at home.

“Using the MedBridge Go app, that we have here at QMG, was very helpful in guiding me through exercises that were individually tailored to my recovery,” he said. “For patients with smart phones or computers, the instruction sessions were very easy to find and showed videos of how to perform the PT maneuvers.”

Now that Dr. Conrad has been in Quincy for a couple of months, he’s finding himself right at home and physically stronger, thanks to the Orthopedics and Physical Therapy teams and the entire QMG family.

“Everyone is very positive, welcoming, and overwhelmingly helpful. I’m looking forward to very many successful years here with QMG.”