Quincy Medical Group is offering new treatments for breast cancer performed by Dr. Christian ZwickTraditionally, the surgical treatment of breast cancer consists of two choices, mastectomy, and lumpectomy.  A mastectomy typically involves removal of the breast including the nipple.  Lumpectomy generally involves removing breast tissue at the site of the tumor.  Both of these procedures have limitations from a cosmetic standpoint.  With a mastectomy, there is a loss of the breast.  With lumpectomy, there is scarring at the surgical site and indentation in the breast from loss of breast tissues.  Newer techniques allow not only for similar curative rates, but much better cosmesis. Quincy Medical Group now offers these new treatments for breast cancer

Recent advances by surgeons at Quincy Medical Group allow for substantially improved results, Dr. Chrisitan Zwick is able to perform a skin and nipple sparing mastectomy.  In most instances, this procedure is completed in conjunction with his surgical counterpart, Dr. Eric Fynn-Thompson, who at the same setting provides an immediate reconstruction of the breast.

In addition to the above procedure, Dr. Zwick is able to offer patients new adjuncts for those individuals who are having a lumpectomy as a treatment for breast tumors, Oncoplastics.  These are techniques which not only remove the tumor but allows for rearrangement of the breast tissue to maintain the contour or shape of the breast.  In addition, these procedures can be performed through hidden scars to reduce the visible signs of surgery.

These techniques are a major advancement in the treatment of breast cancer and they are very new to this area.  Now we can treat breast cancer patients not only with curative intent but also allow for minimal to no signs that they had surgery at all.

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