Nancy Capps, Patient Financial Counselor at QMG

Quincy Medical Group (QMG) is proud to recognize Women’s History Month by celebrating the incredible women who make a difference every day. We’re taking this opportunity to highlight some of our longstanding employees, starting with Nancy Capps, Patient Financial Counselor, who began her career here 43 years ago.

A Journey of Growth and Empathy
Throughout her time at QMG, Capps has thrived in various roles, including Medical Records, Patient Reception, Centralized Scheduling, Intake Coordinator, Surgery Scheduler, and currently, Patient Financial Counselor. With each new role, Capps has not only gained valuable skills but also deepened her empathy for patients.

“Every position has offered moments to learn about healthcare and how quickly your life can change at any given moment, for better or worse,” she said. “There was always opportunity to gain knowledge and experience that I could use at every stage of my life.”

Mentorship and Inspiration
Mentorship has played a significant role in her growth. Capps credits her father for instilling a strong work ethic and Dr. John Scott, a former Internal Medicine physician at QMG and colleague, for fostering her confidence.

“The best mentor was my father who taught me to work hard, do your job and you’ll benefit from the fruits of your labor,” she shared. “I worked with Dr. John Scott for 17 years, and he instilled in me a quiet confidence that I could tackle any job given to me and showed that doctors are everyday people.”

Empowering Others: Advice for Aspiring Women in Healthcare
For women considering a career in healthcare, Capps offers this advice: “When you walk into a room, stand up straight with shoulders back, make a presence. Do not be afraid. Be the best possible you.”

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, Capps acknowledges the significant role women play in healthcare.

“Women are great listeners and have a kind heart,” she stated. Every nurse, medical assistant, and providers I’ve worked with truly cared about what’s right for the patient and for me as a person.”