Rebecca Motley (left) and LeighAnna Hill

Rebecca Motley, a nurse at Quincy Medical Group (QMG) for 25 years, and her daughter LeighAnna Hill, who has been with QMG since 2001, share a special bond — not just one of family, but of a calling to care for others. Both work at our QMG Pittsfield Clinic.

For Motley, the journey to nursing began not in a classroom, but at home. After years of being a stay-at-home mom to her two girls, she was inspired to become a pediatric nurse.

“Caring for my daughters showed me the impact of compassionate care, and as they grew more independent, I saw an opportunity to extend that care to other children,” she said. “Returning to school was challenging, but my experiences as a mother equipped me for pediatric nursing, making it a natural progression to help more children and their families.”

Witnessing her mother carry out her passion, Hill was inspired to become a nurse herself. This shared path has fostered a unique understanding between them of the joys and challenges inherent to the nursing profession.

“From a young age, I have admired my mom’s dedication to helping others. Through watching her grow in her career, it was a natural progression to follow in her footsteps,” Hill said.

Motley beams with pride at her daughter’s success. Watching her not only follow in her footsteps but also carve her own path fills Motley with immense pride.

“Her intelligence shines through every day. What truly amazes me is how skillfully she handles her busy schedule at the clinic. She juggles multiple responsibilities, from patient care to administrative tasks, with such grace and efficiency,” Motley shared. “Her ability to maintain composure and prioritize under pressure not only makes her an outstanding nurse but also deeply inspires me.”

Hill said the most inspiring aspect of her mother’s work is the genuine connection she forms with patients. Every day she sees firsthand the impact she has on others.

“My mother taught me the importance of compassion in nursing. She emphasized the significance of truly understanding patients’ needs and treating them with kindness and respect. This lesson has been invaluable in building trusting relationships with patients and providing care,” Hill shared.

Beyond professional growth, Motley also imparted valuable life lessons. Those lessons have made Hill a stronger nurse and person.

“Personally, my mother taught me resilience and perseverance. Nursing can be emotionally and physically demanding, but she showed me how to stay strong in the face of challenges and never give up on providing the best possible care. Her example has taught me to approach obstacles with determination and grace,” she said.

At the heart of it all, for both Motley and Hill, lies the love for their chosen profession and the patients they’re honored to care for each day.

“What I love most about being a pediatric nurse is the opportunity to build trusting relationships with my patients/parents. Listening to their concerns and supporting them through allows me to provide personalized and compassionate care. These connections are truly at the heart of why I cherish working as a nurse,” she said.

Hill echoes this sentiment, acknowledging the challenges yet finding deep fulfillment in knowing she makes a difference.

“Being a nurse is undeniably challenging, but despite the difficulties, I love being a nurse,” she said. “There’s a profound sense of purpose that comes from knowing I’m making a meaningful difference in people’s lives. Even on the tough days, the opportunity to provide care and support to those in need brings me immense satisfaction and fulfillment.”