Among the media coverage about the Uvalde tragedy are articles about how the Uvalde community will start to recover. Mental health experts across the nation are being called on for their expertise to help people, particularly children, process and understand how to cope with such a safety-shattering experience.

Quincy Medical Group (QMG) Clinical Coordinator of Behavioral Health Nikki Shields compiled a list of resources below that parents, educators, youth leaders, and adults in our local communities can turn to in order to help themselves process the senseless loss of life. You may also find the resources helpful for children who experience trauma from learning about the Uvalde mass shooting, or other mass shootings, through the media, social media, friends, or other sources.

Mind Share Partners:

Children’s Book: Once I Was Very Very Scared:

APA (American Psychological Association):

A list of articles/links about the following:

Comprehensive list of national crisis hotlines for a variety of emergency situations and populations: Tips for Coping:

SAMSA (The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration):

American Counseling Association Trauma/Disaster Resources: