Dr. Jason Knuffman

For medical students, this isn’t just another day. It’s Match Day — a big day, where a single envelope holds the key to their future. Inside, they’ll find their residency placement, the program that will train them and turn their dreams of becoming a doctor into reality. We caught up with Dr. Jason Knuffman, physician at Quincy Medical Group who specializes in Allergy and Immunology, to hear his memories of this momentous day.

“I was part of the St. Louis University Medical School class of 2001, and we had our Match Day ceremony/lunch at a place called ‘Windows on Washington’ in downtown St. Louis. As my girlfriend (now wife, Rebecca) is from Milwaukee, we were hoping for a Madison or Milwaukee match for Internal Medicine, and I was very fortunate to match at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.
It was a time of my life where I was ready to tackle pretty much anything, so I was not necessarily nervous but rather more curious, prior to match. Afterwards, it was extra special because some close friends also matched at University of Wisconsin Hospital for medicine and other specialties. It was quite incredible to see classmates, upon opening a simple letter, go literally all over the country, coast-to-coast to further their training.

Words of wisdom I have for current medical school graduates would include to basically relax and that you were meant to go where you match. It’s your destiny. You will be successful anywhere as long as you apply yourself and seek out learning opportunities and mentors. Have confidence in your choices and go into it realizing that the program you match with is excited to get started turning you into a doctor!”

Congratulations to all the new residents as you continue on your path to enhancing the lives of the patients and communities you serve.