On the benches of our local high school and college games, among the players, you’ll find an Athletic Trainer.  There to protect and treat our athletes, they quickly become one of the team.

From the Coaches, Athletic Directors, & Students:

Ashley Hackmann is a security blanket for our coaches and players.  We know that if there is an issue we have a qualified individual who will jump into action.  The amount of support she shows our programs and individual athletes is amazing and appreciated.  We wouldn’t want anyone else working with our athletes. – Travis Cook, Athletic Director – Hamilton, Football Coach – West Hancock Titans

Quincy High School is so fortunate to have Gary Hackmann working with our athletes!  His ability to communicate with players and coaches is tremendous.  In the athletic arena, it is imperative that our players and coaches work with someone that they can trust.  Gary has the trust of both at Quincy High School.  – Scott Douglas, Athletic Director – Quincy High School

Gary Hackman does an absolutely awesome job for the Track team!  He deals with the athletes in the most positive and down to earth way.  He reports everything to the Event Coach and Head Coach after each visit to make sure we are all on the same page.  We would be lost without him! – Matt McClelland, Head Track & Field/Cross Country Coach – Quincy High School

Gary is always a quiet, get to work, no-nonsense kind of guy.  He is great with the players and coaches.  Even in our fantasy football league this year, he talked no trash (unlike everyone else!) and yet beat us all.  – Rick Little, Head Football coach – Quincy High School 

Brianne Guymon was the perfect athletic trainer for us at Brown County. Her ability to manage so many different personalities in the coaching staff and in our athletes was very special. She made a connection with everyone and she amazed me in how she was able to remember personal details about so many athletes to help make a connection with each person. Her instinct in dealing with each athlete was spot on. She was easily able to tell which player would see her for every little thing but she also could recognize that athlete that would try to play through everything. She was able to deal with both of these types of players to get them back into action quickly and safely.

From a head coach’s perspective, she became a vital part of our staff. She always had the players taken care of before games so we never had an issue of starting late or without everyone ready. During the games, she would take care of everything medical allowing our coaching staff to maintain focus on calling a game. With her knowledge of sports, she was able to help us get players back into games quickly when appropriate but also knew when it was best to not rush a player back into action when his impact would not be needed.

As a spectator for the other sports teams we have in Brown County I would watch Brianne’s professionalism during games and wish all trainers could take note. She was always focused on what was going on. She would take charge of every situation and work promptly to help the athlete return to play as quickly as possible if appropriate. She took a lot of pressure off the coaches and was exceptional in dealing with the parents. She would make sure that the parents and athlete were comfortable leaving the game and that everything was explained to them. She also would give them her number just in case they needed further explanation or if something had changed.

As a spokesman for the Brown County School District, I would personally like to thank Brianne and Quincy Medical Group for taking exceptionally care of our student/athletes in Brown County. – Tom Little, Head Football Coach – Brown County High School

I’d like to express my gratitude for Gary Hackman and his ability to be the greatest trainer around.  Gary and I have worked together for 15 plus years.  I’m always amazed at how he’s able to handle every situation when it comes to caring for the athlete and the process of recovery to get them back on the field.  I know on many occasions he has gone out of his way to make time to see individual athletes when it may be inconvenient and will do what is possible to get them back on the playing field.  I hope Gary continues his work with QHS Athletics, the school, coaches, and student-athletes. We are all thankful for his effort and dedication. – Phil Neally, Head Wrestling Coach/Assistant Football Coach – Quincy High School

Bri has been wonderful to Brown County athletics as a whole.  She has gone out of her way many times to make sure our athletes let the care they need.  Our coaching staff considers her a Hornet.  We are all going to miss her tremendously!!  – Dave Phelps, Athletic Director/Girls Basketball Coach – Brown County Hornets

Charlye does a great job for us. I don’t really have any stories about her but she does a good job with our athletes and dealing with our coaches. She is always prompt, on time and always comes with a great attitude. She communicates very well with myself and our coaches, letting us know about and following up on athletes and their progress after an injury has occurred. Charlye also does a great job seeking out information on rescheduled games and contests, which as this past winter has shown, can be a fulltime job in itself.

I can’t ask for much more out of Charlye. She has done a great job the past two years.  – Frank Cash, Athletic Director, Unity Mustangs

Gary Hackmann brings many joys to the athletes when he comes out to Liberty. He always has a joke to be made or a comment to say, whether it’s before the game or during the game sitting on the bench. He is always right there to pick you up and tell you to go get 5 steals or get 6 more points. He encourages the team the same as other people. On the injury side, anytime something is wrong I know I can go to him. He will tell me what I need to do or suggest ice to put on. He knows what he is doing when it comes to injuries and many people trust him with what he says. I believe Gary is a great person to have in our community and at our basketball games. – Student-Athlete, Liberty Eagles

Charley stepped into a new school the same time I did and both of us had to replace some pretty successful and well-liked individuals. I don’t know if I have filled the shoes, but I am fully confident that Charley has. All of the football guys love her. I think one thing they truly respect about her is she never sugar coats things. She will always tell them when they are just hurt and they can keep pushing through it, or if they are injured and we really need to evaluate a recovery process. That is something I admire about her as well. She jokes around with the kids but always stays professional. One funny thing that has happened with Charley these past two years is during our games on Friday nights. We have a tendency to scream her name when we need her on the sideline, but we also use the word Charlie as a play call for our no huddle hurry up offense, so the first few games, every time we would yell, Charlie for our play formation, Charley would come running to our side thinking a player was down. We now sit back and laugh about it quite often. We are extremely lucky to have Charley as our trainer and forever grateful to the Quincy Medical Group for providing their athletic training staff to us.  – Conner McLaughlin, Football Coach – Unity Mustangs