Pictured from left to right are: Glenda Lewis, LPN; Theresa Mast, patient; and Dr. Christian Zwick

Dr. Christian Zwick and Glenda Lewis, LPN, both in Vascular Surgery, are the recipients of Quincy Medical Group’s Unparalleled Care Award. They were nominated by their patient, Theresa Mast, who shared her journey when a routine mammogram resulted in a breast cancer diagnosis.

“I need to begin my story with an apology to Dr. Zwick and Glenda. ‘Sorry that I didn’t trust you,” Mast shared.

She continues, “In August of 2018, a routine mammogram showed that I had something suspicious on my right breast. Dr. Zwick, assisted by Glenda, performed a biopsy, the result was a benign mass. Phew! Dr. Zwick told me to come back in six months for a follow-up. I heard ‘no cancer, have a nice day!’ Needless to say, I was scared, not very knowledgeable, and defiant. After that, my yearly mammograms revealed the same mass and I would get a call back which I refused to acknowledge because it wasn’t cancer.

“In late 2021, I took the time to set up my patient portal and as I read over my past test results and googled the medical terms, I discovered that not only was the mass still there but that I have dense breast, a precursor to breast cancer. In 2022, I went for my screening and the technicians again found the mass on the right side. Dr. Zwick and Glenda confirmed that the mass was cancer and explained my options. As he was talking, he decided to check my left breast and found another lump, which resulted in the discovery of a Lobular tumor, a very obscure sneaky carcinoma, almost invisible in dense breasts. In early December 2022, I had a bilateral mastectomy, performed by Dr. Zwick. He saved me from what could have been a very life-changing outcome.

“Fast forward to this past May, I messaged Dr. Zwick’s office regarding some cosmetic concerns with remnants of my mastectomy and other issues, but I didn’t know who to turn to. Glenda called me in for a consultation with Dr. Zwick. During my visit, she asked me what else I needed; she is such a good listener. When I left that day, I had a surgery date, labs ordered, a referral to an oncologist, a nurse navigator, and a referral to a gynecologist.

“I have such a huge debt of gratitude to both Dr. Zwick and Glenda. First, for catching my breast cancer early and saving me from a disastrous prognosis physically and then secondly, for emotional and mental support by taking the time to guide me in the right direction for my best care.

“This was indeed a divine intervention, asking the right people the right questions to get the right answers for overall positive healing results. There is peace when you have a plan.

Bless you, Dr. Zwick and Nurse Glenda!”