Ella Warren

In honor of Black History Month, we spoke to Ella Warren, Patient Attendant at Quincy Medical Group, about the meaning of the month to her.

What does Black History Month mean to you?
It’s a time to reflect on advancements made, challenges that have been encountered, and setbacks to the African American community. Each year we have an opportunity to reflect. It’s also a time to be thankful and appreciate how far we have come and a time to appreciate those that paved the way for us (past and present leaders). A great example is Dr. Martin Luther King.

Why is diversity in healthcare important?
More diversity means there is someone for everyone to feel comfortable with. Some providers that look like me may be more sensitive to the needs of Black Americans.

Why is it important to bring attention to health and wellness during Black History Month?
Healthcare, in general, is something that the Black community lags behind in and this is a time to bring attention to those things and close the gap. We as people need to take care of ourselves. Some of us do not have adequate insurance, so we do not go to the doctor.