By Erica Douglas

Dr. John Scott and his wife, Candy, arrived in Quincy on July 1, 1983, with their 3 ½ year old.  Coming off ten years of work and education of a combined five degrees and one medical residency, they found their home.  “Quincy is a really fantastic town – an incredibly nice and safe place to raise a family,” said Dr. Scott.  “I felt comfortable here.”

Dr. Scott began his career at Quincy Medical Group as an Internal Medicine Physician just a few weeks after arriving in town.  For him and his family, the clinic and town were a perfect fit, and he’s spent his entire career here.  He’ll celebrate 34 years of service at QMG this year.

When the Scotts have had the opportunity to talk to physicians considering bringing their practice to Quincy Medical Group, they’re happy to share their experiences.  “I would tell the young couples that no town, no clinic is perfect,” said Candy. “But, you roll up your sleeves and you help.  You volunteer. And not stand on the sidelines.”

They take that advice to heart and live their lives by example.  Dr. Scott served as the first chairperson of P.A.T.C.H (Planned Approach to Community Health), an initiative to implement health promotion activities; organized numerous education conferences and seminars on health-related topics; established back to school physicals in low-income areas;, formed the Baldwin School Health Fair; and participates in mission trips all over the world and has influenced other physicians and medical personnel to do so as well. The list doesn’t stop there.

At the center of his work is his medical philosophy of looking at each patient’s whole health – physical, mental, and spiritual.  Leading not only his patients but those in the community to a better, healthier lifestyle has been a mission of his.

QMG has supported him in that mission, and he’s grateful for that.  “For me, one of the biggest changes over the years is how much the clinic has been involved in the community,” Dr. Scott said.  “Back then it was thought it wasn’t the doctor’s responsibility to go out educate the people and screen them, but that has changed.”

He sees that continuing for the years ahead, and he’s happy to be a part of that.  He is proud to be a part of an organization that puts the patient first.  “Taking care of the patient is the number one thing, and focusing on all aspect of health – physical, mental, and spiritual.”

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