Jennifer Maguire has been a patient of Dr. Peter Dureska’s for 14 ½ years.  Over a decade is a long time, and she is grateful to have found a doctor that is skilled medically but also approaches each patient with a kind heart and listening ear.

In her time as a patient of Dr. Dureska’s, he’s delivered two of her children and performed a hysterectomy.  With each experience and each moment, she was grateful to have him by her side.  “What I appreciate about him is that he’s always upfront and honest with you,” she said. “He spends some time with you to hear your concerns before he moves on.”

That was evident when she was pregnant with her second child.  She had a C-section delivery with her first but hoped to deliver this baby naturally.  “He understood my wishes and was willing to talk through my options with me.  I appreciate that he took that time to hear me.”

She appreciated that in Dr. Dureska when years later, the decision was made for Jennifer to have a hysterectomy.  “We went through all possible treatments to avoid the hysterectomy.  He always has a plan A, B, and C,” she said.

Once the decision was made to move forward with the hysterectomy, Jennifer’s procedure was done laparoscopically under the care of both Dr. Dureska and Dr. Tanya Mero, fellow QMG obstetrician.   Though the procedure started smoothly, the doctors realized that Jennifer’s bladder was attached to the uterus which added a complication to the procedure.  In the end, the surgery was performed successfully.  “Through all of that I trusted him and his care,” she said.   “After my procedure, he followed up with me and stayed in touch to make sure I was okay.”

Jennifer is grateful for not only for Dr. Dureska, but his nursing staff as well and Jill Failor, Nursing Coordinator for Obstetrics and Gynecology department.  “I can call and ask her questions, and she’s always willing to take the time to talk with me,” she said.