Before Arriving to the Sleep Center

  • Bring all medications that you need the night of the test, the morning of the test or medications that you may need during the test. No medications are available in the lab. If you use medications routinely that can impair your ability to drive and elect to use them the night of the study, you will be required to have a driver pick you up in the morning.
  • If you are currently on CPAP or Bi-PAP, please bring your mask and headgear with you the night of the study. You do not need to bring your machine.
  • Bring something comfortable to sleep in preferably out of cotton type fabric. We request no silk or satin fabrics if possible. If you do not have pajamas or a night gown, Tee shirts and gym shorts will be fine. You will be required to wear clothing other than under garments.
  • Bring any personal hygiene items with you that you may need such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, deodorant, denture cup, etc. We do have showering facilities and provide linens, shampoo and soap that you are welcome to use.
  • No caffeine products (coffee, tea, soda, chocolate) after noon the day of your test.
  • Women: No lotions, make-up, moisturizers, or fingernail polish. If you have artificial fingernails, please have one fingernail removed for monitoring purposes.
  • Men: No lotions or moisturizers. If you are normally clean shaven, please arrive freshly shaved. If you have a beard normally, please do not shave it off for the test.
  • Come in with a clean head of hair with no hair care items such as hairspray, gels, oils, creams. Please no hair extensions, braids or hair pieces that cannot be removed.
  • Other special items unique to you such as a walker, wheelchair, food items for people who have nutritional needs.
  • If you would like to bring your own pillow it is perfectly fine to do so. We do have all bed linens necessary for a comfortable night’s sleep but personal pillows are welcome.
  • The facility does not have the ability to accommodate other family members to stay unless prior arrangements have been made. No pets will be allowed unless a registered service animal.

Upon Arrival to the Sleep Center

  • Arrive at the Surgery Center of Quincy door. There is parking available next to the entrance. If non handicap parking is not available, it is permissible to park in handicap parking over night only without a handicap tag in this area only. Ring the buzzer and a technologist will unlock the door for you. Follow the signs to the elevator and go to the third floor. A technologist will greet you and show you to your room.
  • You will be set up with various sensors that are totally non-invasive. These items will monitor brain waves, heart rhythms, leg movements, snoring, muscle movements, and breathing efforts. A paste substance will be used in various places including your scalp. It does not harm your hair or skin but you will want to shower the next morning either in the lab or at home.
  • Once set up, you will be allowed to watch T.V., read, relax or use a laptop (there is wireless connection within the lab) until lights out time.
  • All rooms are private in a “hotel” type-setting with a private restroom and showering facilities.