The Durable Medical Equipment department at Quincy Medical Group provides leading edge sleep products and strives to bring the latest and most effective therapy to our patients. Our extensive inventory allows us to custom design the best solution for your needs and to assure you that your equipment is comfortable, easy to use, and provides you with a better night’s sleep.

Our new 40 modem enabled equipment allows the patient, the doctor, and the clinical staff to monitor treatment and allows us to assess and assist patients’ equipment remotely. Sleep information can also be viewed on your smartphone, computer or tablet.

The most important part of receiving effective treatment is to ensure the equipment and your individual needs are matched. To ensure you receive the maximum benefit of your new equipment the trained and experienced technologists at the Quincy Medical Group will work with you to:

Find the right mask or interface

We carry approximately seventy different masks to insure you have the best comfort, fit and quality available.

Determine the right delivery system

We carry the latest models from all of the top manufacturers of Positive Airway Pressure devices. This allows us to find the most effective equipment for your needs.

Meet the requirements of your insurance provider

Our proven system for documenting equipment use and effectiveness exceeds the stringent requirements of insurance providers. We provide a simple, streamlined approach that uses the latest technology to assure your coverage is complete.

Transition from sleep diagnostics to home use

All of our DME personnel are Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (RPSGT). RPSGTs are recognized as the highest level of experience certification in the field of sleep diagnostics. We provide the care during your tests and continue through integrating your physician’s prescription when you leave.

Provide you a complete sleep solution

Our DME department delivers one thing only – Sleep. We specialize in providing sleep equipment and nothing else. You are assured that your equipment is being provided by someone who specializes in sleep medicine.