Quincy Medical Group’s Sleep Center offers several different types of studies. If you have questions please call us at 217-222-6550, ext. 6530.

Clinic Visit

Before your overnight sleep study, you will have an informational clinic appointment. This appointment will last approximately a half an hour. The purpose of this visit it to get you acquainted with the lab and familiar with the procedure that will take place at the time of your study. It will give the lab personnel an opportunity to review your needs as well as give you the opportunity to ask questions, relieve any concerns that you might have and introduce you to potential treatment options.

Please check in with the receptionist on the third floor.

Overnight Visit

You may park in the lot located at 1118 Hampshire Street Building. You are welcome to use the handicap parking spots for the night of your sleep study if non-handicap parking is not available. Arrive at the Surgery Center of Quincy entrance and ring the buzzer. A technologist will unlock the door for you, take the elevator up to 3rd floor.

Day studies are available for shift workers. When scheduling a sleep study, please notify the receptionist of any special needs such as a day study.

For more on what to expect during your overnight appointment Click Here

Overnight Visitors: Please use the Surgery Center of Quincy Entrance

Multiple Sleep Latency Tests

These tests are conducted in the daytime following an overnight stay in the Sleep Center. Multiple Sleep Latency Tests are primarily used to diagnose such sleep disorders as narcolepsy and idiopathic hypersomnia. These tests consist of nap studies that are timed to observe the ability to fall asleep and what type of sleep is recorded if the subject does fall asleep. Electrodes and sensors will be in place to collect the data but at a reduced number compared to an overnight study.

Maintenance of Wakefulness Testing

This is also a daytime procedure and can be done after an overnight study in the Sleep Center or does not have to include an overnight study. Sensors and electrodes are connected to collect data to see if the patient can stay awake for a certain amount of time.

Home Sleep Testing

Home Sleep Testing is conducted through Quincy Medical Group’s Sleep Center Monday through Thursday. This is a sleep screening unit that the patient takes home and wears overnight and returns to the lab the next day. It has a belt, an oxygen sensor for the finger and an airflow sensor. Home units are used based on patient mobility, insurance protocols and primary care provider needs for the patient. Instructions are given to the patient for use. Upon return of the equipment, the data is evaluated and a report is generated to the ordering provider once it is reviewed by the board-certified physician.