The Quincy Medical Group Foundation is an organization that truly values and prioritizes the community’s well-being. The QMG Foundation created the Community Impact Fund to help create positive change in the community.

The Community Impact Fund serves the community through three major initiatives: Community Impact Fund Grants to local non-profits, Community Impact Projects, and non-oncology assistance for patients with an urgent need.

Community Impact Fund Grants

The Quincy Medical Group Foundation provides financial assistance to non-profit organizations that directly impact the communities we serve. We offer three distinct categories of funding: Community Development, Health Initiatives, and Youth Programs and Partnerships.

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Community Impact Projects

The Foundation is not just about providing financial aid; it also offers assistance, time, and expertise to local non-profit organizations in the community. The QMG Foundation has actively participated in several Community Impact Projects, such as painting, weeding, and adding guttering to the pool house at the Jackson-Lincoln Swimming Complex, as well as revitalizing the playground at the Jefferson Youth Center.

Patient Assistance

The non-oncology patient assistance program is intended to provide financial support to community patients who require urgent assistance, as determined by a case worker or healthcare provider. This program is designed for short-term assistance and includes a long-term strategy that is developed in partnership with the patient care team.

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