Started by an area mom of a child with autism, Great River Autism Connection (GRAC) moved to Quincy Medical Group at the establishment of pediatric therapy in 2010. Since then, the group has provided families and caregivers of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders a chance to learn, share and gain support from the group. In 2022, GRAC officially came under the Quincy Medical Group Foundation umbrella.


With monies raised, GRAC offers free events for families to connect, provides resources, and promotes educational opportunities. Each year GRAC hosts a walk to create awareness, acceptance, and connection within the community.

Mission Statement

Great River Autism Connection provides families and caregivers of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders a chance to learn, share, and gain resources. Monies raised provide free resources and educational opportunities to families, teachers, caregivers, and individuals of all ages to improve overall functioning and success in the home, school, and community environments. Our focus is on awareness, connection, and acceptance.

Standing in the Gap

GRAC has two initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life for patients by providing them with access to equipment, materials, and tools. These initiatives are a step towards ensuring that all patients have the necessary resources to lead a healthy life.

GRAC AAC Device Loaner Request

One way we can support patients is by providing a loaner augmentative and alternative communication device, intended for short-term use with an agreement for a long-term strategy for a device. The purpose of the loaner is to support patients in the interim until the insurance-approved device is available.

The patient must be evaluated by a Speech Therapist and required steps must be taken prior to completing the application.

To learn more, contact Lynnae Glasock, GRAC committee member at lglascock@quincymedgroup.com.

Click Here to download the application for financial assistance to support local autistic individuals and families.


The second initiative is the GRAC BOOST grant, which aims to support individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder by providing them access to equipment, materials, and tools to enhance and improve their quality of life. The program offers grants of up to $1,000 per person to help individuals with a current diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Payments will be made directly to vendors OR come in the form of a gift card.

The Foundation will assist with needs related to:

  • Communication
  • Activities of daily living
  • Instrumental activities of daily living
  • Motor skills
  • Mobility
  • Social skills
  • Adaptive equipment
  • Transportation
  • Equipment
  • Sensory processing
  • Education
  • Safety
  • Nutrition

The Foundation is unable to assist with needs such as:

  • Medical or insurance bills
  • Cable bills
  • Long-term or forward payment past 2-3 months
  • Outstanding loans or bad debt (including bills that have been sent to collections, involved in any court processes or fees, etc.)

Please obtain these required documents and have them ready before you begin the application. You will need to include them with your application.

  • Proof of autism diagnosis. Please provide a copy of a formal report, medical documentation, Individualized Educational Program (IEP) report, or completed Confirmation of Diagnosis form.
  • Proof of cost for the equipment, materials, and/or tools.

You may also provide additional documentation or paperwork that would aid in the decision-making and help tell the story of how this request will benefit your child.

GRAC BOOST Grant Forms

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