The Tiny Tot Clinic offers comprehensive interdisciplinary evaluations for children birth to 3 and includes:

  • Assessment of speech/language, motor skills, and cognitive skills by a pediatric neuropsychologist, speech/language therapist, and occupational therapist
  • Diagnosis of autism and developmental delays in language, motor, and other areas
  • Assessment of developmental level in cognitive areas (e.g., language, visual skills, attention), motor coordination, and early academic ability
  • Assessment of anxiety, mood, and behavioral issues
  • Assistance and recommendations in developing an appropriate educational, behavioral, and medical treatment plan

The typical assessment process (may vary depending on the child’s needs):

  • Interview with caregivers to gather information and understand concerns
  • One appointment with the child (typically 2 hours in length) which may include administration of tests and structured play
  • Immediate feedback with caregivers to go over
  • test results, diagnosis (if appropriate), and treatment recommendations