The 8-hour workday and the 40-hour work week are the benchmarks against which the ability to perform work-related tasks are measured. But how are the tests — functional capacity evaluations or FCEs — that quantify that ability benchmarked? The ErgoScience FCE utilizes a proprietary scoring system that’s validated through peer-reviewed research and defensible in court.

Trust Your Test

The ErgoScience FCE supports quick and effective return to work, case resolution, vocational assessment, and disability determination so that you can ensure that you’re making the best decision for your employee and for your organization.

Local Testing, Certified Assurance

You don’t have to send your work comp employees hours from home to ensure they have accurate test results. The QMG Therapy Services Department’s Physical Therapist Kristin Thompson and Occupational Therapist Alison Simmons are the only ErgoScience-certified therapists in the area who perform the research-backed FCE.

Comprehensive employee evaluation doesn’t end at functional capacity. In many situations, our clinicians can calculate impairment ratings, as well. This helps your organization gather information about the level of impairment your employee has suffered due to injury or illness. According to AMA guidelines for the evaluation of impairment, which are the standards most commonly used for impairment ratings in workers’ compensation injuries, impairment ratings should only be assigned to permanent impairments. Learn more at


Kristin Daniel Thompson, PT, DPT, PHC Physical Therapist


Alison Simmons, MOT, OTR/L Occupational Therapist

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