QUINCY, IL – The Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board (HFSRB) approved Quincy Medical Group’s (QMG) Certificate of Need (CON) applications for both the QMG Hospital and QMG Birth Center following their board meeting today.

QMG Chief Executive Officer Carol Brockmiller shared, “We are thrilled with the board’s decisions today. At QMG, we are doing really good things for all the right reasons and trying hard to serve the people of Quincy, Adams County, West Central Illinois, and the tri-states. We are here, first and foremost, for our patients. That focus hasn’t changed in our 85-year history. In fact, it’s driven us to do better and ensure that we provide quality healthcare now and for the next generation of patients. Since we first announced our plans for the QMG Hospital and QMG Birth Center, the gracious actions of support from our patients, local residents, and community partners have helped our concepts become reality in our community. I would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation on behalf of Quincy Medical Group physicians and employees.”

The approval from the HFSRB allows QMG to move forward with construction of the QMG Hospital and QMG Birth Center on the campus of the Quincy Town Center, which is already home to the QMG Surgery Center and Cancer Institute.

QMG’s small-format hospital will include 25 med-surg beds; 3 labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum or LDRP rooms, an emergency department with 10 bays; a C-section suite; 3 operating rooms; and 1 procedure room. The hospital will also include a post-anesthesia care unit, laboratory, pharmacy, and imaging department. Three of the medical-surgical beds will be equipped to serve as negative pressure rooms, or isolation rooms, to aid in future infectious disease outbreaks.

The QMG Birth Center will have three birthing rooms, a designated space for prenatal visits and antepartum (or before childbirth) testing, and a conference space for education services. With this decision, the QMG Birth Center will become the first birth center in the Quincy region and the sixth in the state of Illinois.

Dr. Todd Petty, QMG Surgeon and Board Chair said, “We thank the board for their approval and this community for their support. Our physicians and team at QMG have dedicated our lives to our patients. Local patients deserve affordable, quality healthcare. Today’s decision allows us the opportunity to give them that. We look forward to the bright future of affordable healthcare for everyone in our region.”

For more information on the QMG Hospital visit quincymedgroup.com/transform and for the Birth Center visit quincymedgroup.com/birthcenter.