DuPage Medical Group and QMG To Expand Delivery of Physician-Directed, Multi-Specialty Care

DuPage Medical Group and Quincy Medical Group, Quincy, Illinois, have signed a letter of intent to further develop and expand as a transformational multi-specialty clinical care delivery organization. As partners, the organizations will intentionally focus on providing an unrivaled patient experience, while working to raise the standard for quality and excellence for physician-directed care.

DuPage Medical Group is the largest physician-owned independent medical group in Illinois. Quincy Medical Group is a large physician-directed practice encompassing 155 providers in 35 specialties, spanning 18 locations across communities in Illinois, Iowa and Missouri.

With Quincy Medical Group as partners, DuPage Medical Group will continue its pursuit of increasing access to affordable, patient-centric, physician-directed and coordinated care, while deepening investment in local services and programs that meet the health care needs of patients across Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and beyond.

“Our partnership with Quincy Medical Group builds on our purpose-driven vision to transform healthcare by creating new pipelines for collaboration that empower our physicians and team members to reimagine the delivery of care,” said Steve Nelson, CEO of DuPage Medical Group. According to Paul Merrick, M.D., Chairman of the DuPage Medical Group Board of Directors, “Quincy Medical Group’s outstanding reputation as a high quality provider for generations of families in West-Central Illinois further enhances our shared goal to expand patient access to a leading edge, physician directed delivery model.”

The agreement provides for DuPage Medical Group to make strategic investments in Quincy Medical Group’s infrastructure and technology, expand in-network capabilities, advance progression to value-based care, and deliver on shared efforts to increase care access, education, service, and charitable giving to their local communities.

“This transformative partnership with DuPage Medical Group supports our evolution and expansion as an independent physician group and furthers our mission to provide high quality and affordable care options across the tri-states and beyond,” said Carol Brockmiller, the long-standing CEO of Quincy Medical Group. “Together, we will advance our joint goal of enhancing the patient experience and helping ensure continued success and professional growth for our physicians and team members,” explained Todd Petty, M.D., Chairman of Quincy Medical Group’s Board of Directors.

DuPage Medical Group will continue to be led by Steve Nelson as CEO and Dr. Paul Merrick, as Clinical Board Chair. Brockmiller will remain CEO of Quincy Medical Group and will join the DuPage Medical Group’s Senior Management Team as regional CEO, focusing on additional growth opportunities. Dr. Todd Petty remains Chairman of Quincy Medical Group’s Board. DuPage Medical Group and Quincy Medical Group will have local clinical boards to oversee quality of care and clinical best practices, leveraging shared capabilities and infrastructure to create a consistent and distinctive patient experience across both organizations.

This is DuPage Medical Group’s second large-scale partnership within a three-month period. In June, the group agreed to the capital purchase of the assets of South Bend Clinic, the largest physician-owned group in Indiana. This purchase was finalized on September 1, 2021.

About DuPage Medical Group

Formed in 1999, DuPage Medical Group is the largest independent multi-specialty physician group in Illinois. Its success is steeped in the informed direction provided through a physician-governed clinical board. DuPage Medical Group is led by experienced physicians and a senior management team that has decades of combined experience within healthcare and from diverse organizations outside of the industry. Through its distinctive model, the more than 700 physicians and 4500+ associates advance coordinated care and bring solutions to the healthcare eco-system, driving proactive and personalized health for patients.

About Quincy Medical Group

Established in 1937, Quincy Medical Group is a large physician-directed multi-specialty group practice with 18 locations across Illinois, Iowa and Missouri. The physicians at Quincy Medical Group work in a collaborative care environment where primary care physicians and specialists deliver integrated and coordinated patient care. With 155 providers across 36 Board certifications and 1000 team members, Quincy Medical Group is regarded for its exceptional care of generations of families in Adams County and beyond.


About Our Project

Quincy Medical Group’s physicians know that healthcare is evolving and they want to provide you with the very best care.

Quincy Medical Group Hospital will be a physician-led, non-profit, small-format hospital, providing high-quality and low-cost healthcare for our patients, families, and communities.

  • 68,000 square feet of the very best in patient care.
  • Small format, including an ER with 10 bays.
  • 3 negative pressure rooms. We are ready for anything.
  • 20th QMG facility. We bring best-in-class care where it’s needed most.
  • 1,000+ doctors, nurses and neighbors you know, committed to making Quincy the best it can be
  • 80-year legacy, building for the future.

Making the Best Accessible to All

Managing your health can be tough. Getting the best care shouldn’t be.

Unfortunately for residents of the Quincy region, it too often is.

Limited healthcare options have resulted in Quincy-area residents paying disproportionately high rates for healthcare. In fact, we pay more than Chicago residents.

The new small-format hospital is designed to drive down costs and make the very best in patient care accessible to all. After all, we’re not just doctors. We’re your neighbors. And we believe everyone in Quincy deserves the very best.

QMG Hospital is part of QMG’s ongoing mission to improve care for the region, empower patients and their physicians, enhance care coordination and clinical outcomes, expand the community’s choices in healthcare services and reduce costs.

Quincy Medical Group Hospital will be a physician-led and governed nonprofit, taxable, organization. Excess revenues earned by the hospital will be reinvested in care and the community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are building a patient-centered, physician-led, nonprofit, state-of-the-art, small-format hospital to expand access to the latest high-quality, low-cost care for the Tri-State area.

The hospital is part of our ongoing mission to improve care for residents of the region, empower patients and their physicians, enhance care coordination and clinical outcomes, expand the community’s choices in healthcare services, and reduce costs.

Increased competition through Quincy Medical Group (QMG) physicians caring for patients in their own inpatient facility will reduce healthcare costs. The new hospital will allow QMG patients to be under the care of their healthcare professional of choice along every step and in every setting of their healthcare journey. Research has shown that this continuity of care improves outcomes, lowers costs and increases patient satisfaction.

We are committed to providing the highest-quality care in the lowest-cost setting and have a demonstrated record of success getting this done. Currently, the only time we cannot effectively manage costs is when our patients require hospital care. The new small-format hospital will allow us to provide the same low-cost, high-quality care across all care settings.

All healthcare providers want what’s best for patients and everyone agrees that competition provides patients with more choice, lower costs, better clinical outcomes, and elevated patient experiences.

The hospital will have approximately 25 med-surg beds, 3 labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum or LDRP rooms, an emergency department with 10 bays, a c-section suite, 3 operating rooms, and 1 procedure room. It will also feature a post-anesthesia care unit, laboratory, pharmacy and imaging department. Three of the medical-surgical beds will be equipped to serve as negative pressure rooms, or isolation rooms, to aid in infectious disease outbreaks.

Yes. QMG Hospital will be structured as a physician-developed and physician-governed nonprofit, taxable hospital. Any profits from the operation of the hospital will be redirected towards the development of hospital facilities, like new equipment or for other operational purposes of the hospital. The facility will be adjacent to the QMG Cancer Institute and QMG Ambulatory Surgery Center, representing our commitment to delivering high-quality care that is best suited to our patients’ needs.

Healthcare is changing. Smaller, easy-access facilities are needed now and moving forward. This facility will be the perfect complement to our 18 existing practice sites across Illinois, Iowa and Missouri.

QMG has offered nearly every healthcare service over its rich, more than 80 year, history with the exception of hosting patients for overnight stays. We are building the hospital to offer these patients more choice, convenience and personalized guidance in their healthcare needs.

A certificate of need application seeking approval of the proposed hospital was submitted to the Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board on December 10. Depending on the certificate of need process, and with the board’s approval, we hope to open QMG Hospital in late 2024.

QMG has been the region’s premier physician group for more than 80 years, providing services ranging from traditional primary care to robotic surgeries. With more than 1,000 employees and 18 existing practice sites across three states, we bring best-in-class care where it’s needed most.

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