Virtual Visits at Quincy Medical Group

What is Telehealth?

During a time when social-distancing is encouraged in our community, we want to provide you alternative treatment options beyond the traditional clinic setting. Telehealth is now being offered at QMG, allowing patients to visit their healthcare providers virtually. Read our press release here.

Who is eligible for a Telehealth visit?

  • Anyone, new or existing patients, may set up a telehealth visit with a Quincy Medical Group provider. Please call the provider’s office to schedule a virtual visit.
  • You may be seen for any reason, not just a COVID-19 related illness.
  • You need to have access to a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a web-cam and audio capability, or a landline telephone.

How do I schedule a Telehealth visit?

  • Check below to see if your provider is offering telehealth visits.
  • Simply call your provider’s office and ask to schedule a telehealth visit.
  • Once a visit is scheduled, you will receive an email link to the virtual waiting room.
  • We ask that you log in 5 minutes early to make sure your connection works.

Providers Offering Telehealth

Check back often as more of our providers begin to offer virtual visits.

Pain Management






Surgery - General, Vascular, Trauma


Other Services

Many of our other services & providers such as Behavioral Health, Pediatric Therapy, Nutrition Services, and Therapy Services are offering virtual visits as well. Please give us a call to see if that is an option for you or your family members.