I’m a per diem Athletic Trainer at QMG and work as a special education teacher at Quincy Junior High School. I love being an athletic trainer and teacher because every day I learn something new. I enjoy helping student-athletes immediately after they are injured as well as seeing them return to play. I have amazing students and student-athletes at both Mendon Unity and Quincy Junior High School!

Joined QMG:



  • Bachelor of Science, Athletic Training, Millikin University
  • Masters of Science in Education, Special Education, Quincy University (while working as a Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer for the Men’s and Women’s Soccer teams and Baseball team)


  • Personal training, National Council on Strength and Fitness

From the Coaches:

Charley stepped into a new school the same time I did and both of us had to replace some pretty successful and well-liked individuals. I don’t know if I have filled the shoes, but I am fully confident that Charley has. All of the football guys love her. I think one thing they truly respect about her is she never sugar coats things. She will always tell them when they are just hurt and they can keep pushing through it, or if they are injured and we really need to evaluate a recovery process. That is something I admire about her as well. She jokes around with the kids but always stays professional. One funny thing that has happened with Charley these past two years is during our games on Friday nights. We have a tendency to scream her name when we need her on the sideline, but we also use the word Charlie as a play call for our no huddle hurry up offense, so the first few games, every time we would yell, Charlie for our play formation, Charley would come running to our side thinking a player was down. We now sit back and laugh about it quite often. We are extremely lucky to have Charley as our trainer and forever grateful to the Quincy Medical Group for providing their athletic training staff to us. – Conner McLaughlin, Football Coach – Unity Mustangs

Charlye does a great job for us. I don’t really have any stories about her but she does a good job with our athletes and dealing with our coaches. She is always prompt, on time and always comes with a great attitude. She communicates very well with myself and our coaches, letting us know about and following up on athletes and their progress after an injury has occurred. Charlye also does a great job seeking out information on rescheduled games and contests, which as this past winter has shown, can be a fulltime job in itself.

I can’t ask for much more out of Charlye. She has done a great job the past two years. – Frank Cash, Athletic Director, Unity Mustangs