Susie Buckley

As you step into the Quincy Medical Group Mt. Sterling Clinic, a familiar and reassuring presence will welcome you. Susie Buckley, a patient access representative, has been an integral part of our clinic for over three decades. Throughout the years, she’s taken on various roles and embraced new responsibilities, all while fostering a profound sense of family within the clinic and the community.

Buckley’s journey began as a blend of clinical and administrative responsibilities. Fresh out of high school, she pursued her education to become a medical assistant, a choice that would set the course for her career in healthcare. After working at private practices in Quincy and Mt Sterling, she found herself drawn to the QMG family, a place that would become her home since 1987.

Buckley takes great pride in serving her own community. As she looks back on her years at QMG, she feels like an extension of the families who see each day in the clinic.

“I was figuring the other day, in my time here at QMG, I’m on the third or maybe fourth generation of families,” she shared.

The tradition of care at QMG is shared within her own family as well. Her grandmothers both came to QMG and it has continued down the line to include Buckley’s grandchildren.

That sense of family is something she also feels among her coworkers. The staff’s willingness to go the extra mile is a testament to the familial bond they share, she said. Whether it’s arranging a walk-in time for a patient in need or lending a hand to someone struggling to step out of their car, the atmosphere is one of genuine care.

“It’s just like you’re taking care of your own family out here. Everyone here goes above and beyond to deliver that care,” she shared.

Buckley cherishes the bonds she shares with patients and makes it a priority to get to know every patient so they feel welcomed and comfortable.

“I would say 99 percent of the patients who walk through the door I know,” she said with a laugh.

Even newcomers from neighboring towns are welcomed with open arms, their names remembered from the moment they step through the door. It’s this personal touch, which sets QMG apart, Buckley said.

“We do get a lot of new patients from other communities, such as Macomb and Carthage. They always marvel when they come, and on their second visit we greet them by name and they’re surprised we know their names. We like to know our people,” she said.

As Buckley looks to the future, she doesn’t see herself anywhere else than the place she calls home.

“This has been my home for a long time,” she shared. “I’ve been to other clinics and other places, and the culture’s not there. Our culture far exceeds other places.