QMG Medical Assistant Robin Tucker

The medical assistant role in a clinic setting brings new challenges and opportunities every day to make a difference. Robin Tucker is one of those individuals in that role here at Quincy Medical Group (QMG). She is an essential part of providing unparalleled, patient-centered care.

Robin’s journey began in 1988 when she started working alongside QMG Podiatrist Dr. Douglas Freel. She initially joined his private practice and continued with him when he became part of QMG in 2014. In 2000, she became a Certified Podiatric Medical Assistant.

Throughout her tenure in Podiatry, Robin has taken on a range of responsibilities including administrative tasks, patient care, and collaborating with Dr. Freel on custom orthotics.

Her venture into healthcare was sparked by a newspaper ad from Dr. Freel’s office looking for someone to join his team. Her decision to apply was influenced by her exposure to the medical field during a high school health occupations class. This early experience instilled in her a passion for helping others.

“We went to Good Samaritan Home as part of the class, and helping the residents was very rewarding and it made me feel like I made a difference with making their day a little better,” she shared.

Joining Dr. Freel’s office felt like the beginning of a meaningful career for Robin, a journey that has now spanned over three decades. Through the years, one constant has been her dedication to her patients.

She shared, “I love to see the patients get better. It makes for a long day when your feet hurt, so when the patient says they are so much better it makes you feel good.”

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