As a Geriatrician, Dr. Halley Anderson brings heart and passion to her work with older adults. The older generation of adults have seen and accomplished a lot through their years and she feels fortunate to work alongside these individuals to take care of their health needs.

Dr. Anderson knew early on in her medical career that serving the older population is where her passion fell. She worked in an adult day program for a general population of older adults, and later served as president of the Geriatrics Club in medical school. “The place where older adults are in their lives is an interesting place to pick up with someone and go on their healthcare journey with them.”

She often sees patients along with their support system, and she said building a relationship with both the patient and their loved ones is important. “It’s rare for me to see only one person without their support system, and I really like that about that about geriatrics. I always treat the patient as my primary focus. It’s important for families to know that I’m here for an additional layer of support for their medical team.”

Honesty guides her work with patients. “Honesty is the most important aspect of the patient – physician relationship. I want my patients to know I’ll always be honest about where they are and what my opinion is.”

Dr. Anderson received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Northern Colorado and Doctor of Osteopathy degree from Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine. She completed her residency at Southern Illinois University – Quincy Family Medicine Residency Program and a geriatrics fellowship at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. She also serves as Medical Director at Good Samaritan Home in Quincy.