The Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board (HFSRB) approved Quincy Medical Group’s (QMG) Certificate of Need (CON) application for a new Surgery Center following their board meeting today in Bolingbrook, IL.

QMG filed the CON application back in October, first presenting it in March before coming back today to receive approval for the project.  According to QMG CEO Carol Brockmiller, “We’re so excited about today’s approval and can’t wait to move on to the next phase of our project.”

Brockmiller went on to say, “I can’t say enough how much we appreciate the tremendous support from patients, employers and community members who this process has brought us even closer to. We’ve had the opportunity to tell our story and we feel really proud of that.”

Dr. Todd Petty, QMG Surgeon and Board Chair said, “Today is a huge day for health care in Quincy. Our doctors are excited about the possibilities this new Surgery Center will bring to healthcare in Quincy – long into the future.”