Quincy Medical Group (QMG) is committed to improving healthcare for the region through education, transparency and dialogue. In the spirit of that commitment, QMG has requested a public hearing from the Illinois Health Facilities Review Board (HFSRB) on Blessing Health System’s recent certificate of need (CON) application to build a new 35,756 square foot ambulatory surgery center (ASC) on its campus.

Dr. Todd Petty, QMG Surgeon and Board Chair said, “Our Board of Directors believes that a public hearing presents an opportunity to learn more about Blessing’s project. It is clear that patients want access to care at a lower cost with quality outcomes. ASC’s and competition are great solutions to meet that demand but other opportunities exist and we want to understand what the community wants from the future of healthcare.”

QMG’s Board of Directors Drs. Rick Noble, Rishi Ghanekar, John Barbagiovanni, Korhan Raif, Kurt Leimbach, Keith Knepp, Tanya Mero and Todd Petty requested the public hearing from the HFSRB earlier today, not as an indication of an intent to oppose Blessing’s project, but rather due to QMG’s desire to learn more about it and to establish a forum through which QMG and the public can engage with Blessing in continued conversation.

Carol Brockmiller, QMG CEO said, “Throughout our own CON experience, we enjoyed engaging with community members, patients, employers, local healthcare providers and others. We learned so much from so many and it has helped us set the direction for our future. We want to continue with that commitment and if knowledge is power we want our community empowered with accurate information. The public hearing allows everyone to be educated and all voices to be heard.”

All members of the community are invited and encouraged to attend the public hearing to provide feedback and hear from healthcare leaders. A date for the public hearing will be set by the HFSRB.