“Will you be my pen pal?” That’s what area nursing home residents are asking Quincy Medical Group (QMG) employees as part of QMG’s Pen Pal Program.

During this time, area nursing home residents have been among the most vulnerable, often isolated from family and visitors. QMG Community Relations Specialist Morgan Parker says QMG wanted to find a way to connect with residents and lift their spirits.

“The Pen Pal Program is just what residents in local nursing homes need right now,” she shared. “This is an opportunity for our QMG employees to connect with a nursing home resident and give them a sense of hope during this time of isolation from the outside world. They can’t have any visitors or family come in, so this is one thing we can do to bring smiles to their faces.”

To participate in the program, local nursing residents will submit their names and interests to the QMG Community Relations department. From there, QMG employees will be paired with a resident. A total of six nursing homes in the area are participating.

Barry Community Care Center Activity Director Dianna Castleberry looks forward to the partnership and the positive impact the Pen Pal Program will have on residents.

“Pen pals are something that have been around for many years and something my residents can relate to from when they were children. With everything going on with the pandemic, everyone can use something to make them smile and it is always nice to get a handwritten note in the mail,” she said. “That is why I think this Pen Pal Program is such an amazing idea and a great way for our residents to make new friends. As they have shared with me, you can never have too many friends.”

For more information on the Pen Pal Program, contact Parker at mparker@quincymedgroup.com.