QUINCY, IL – When you’re experiencing pain due to an accident or injury, quick care is necessary, but, in many cases, the emergency room isn’t. QMG Ortho Now at Quincy Medical Group allows patients to walk-in, without an appointment, to see an orthopedic provider for quick diagnosis and treatment.

QMG Ortho Now gives patients access to an expert orthopedics team here to care for a wide range of injuries and conditions including sprains, strains, sports injuries, and fractures. Patients will also have access to the latest imaging technology providing them with an accurate diagnosis for treatment.

QMG Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Adam Derhake said, when faced with the decision of where to go for care, many orthopedic conditions don’t necessarily need emergency room treatment.

“When orthopedic injuries occur, quick treatment is essential to ensure the patient heals properly,” said Dr. Derhake.  “Unnecessary trips to the emergency room can lead to high costs for patients, long wait times, and exposure to illness. QMG Ortho Now addresses those concerns by providing low cost, high-quality care in a safe environment with healthcare providers specifically trained to treat orthopedic concerns.”

The QMG Orthopedics & Sports Medicine department includes fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine physicians along with an experienced nurse practitioner and physician assistant, and team of physical therapists.

QMG Ortho Now is located on the first floor of QMG’s 1118 Hampshire St. building. Patients can walk-in or call ahead.  For more information, call 217-222-2663 or visit quincymedgroup.com/QMGOrthoNow.