QMG ENT Physician Dr. Paul Conrad

Dr. Paul Conrad is one of our Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) physicians here at Quincy Medical Group. As part of Patient Experience Week, we asked him a couple of questions about what his patient means to him.

Why makes your time with patients special?
“I really feel that I listen attentively to the patient’s history and current overall life status (especially working with a scribe allows me to provide face-to-face contact better) and tailor their problem management to their needs by presenting them options on how to proceed with treatment. I also try to make them feel that they are in control of the conversation by keeping comfortable eye contact, including everyone in the room in the discussion if appropriate, and telling them what management option I would pick personally or if one of my family members was in the patient’s individually unique current situation. Oh yeah – and we keep it as lighthearted and funny (if appropriate) because laughter is still good medicine!”

What does providing a good patient experience mean to you?
“The whole goal of the patient experience to me is to improve the patient’s overall health and life by providing them with the tools of medication, behavioral modifications, motivational rationale, and/or potentially surgery based on the years of experience I have in my field of study. It also means buy-in of the patient to their health management and hopefully great word of mouth referrals to their friends and family members.”