Melissa Lenderman, PA-C

Melissa Lenderman‘s path into medicine began with a childhood dream and has developed into a 36-year career.

“Even as a young child, I knew I wanted a career in medicine. I wanted to help people and understood it would be the greatest gift to aid in the healing process,” she shared.

This sentiment has guided her for over three decades in the healthcare field. Lenderman is a Physician Assistant (PA) at the Quincy Medical Group (QMG) Pittsfield Clinic. Early in her journey to become a PA, she recognized the changing trends in medicine and identified a need for more mid-level providers.

The role of a PA, she said, allowed her to offer a holistic care to patients throughout their lifetime. With 36 years of experience, her training began in her hometown of Pike County, Illinois. Following a move to Nashville, she returned home in 2018.

“Some of my initial clinic rotations were here in my home community. My career took me to complete my Physician Assistant education in Nashville, Tennessee, and to practice for 31 years in Knoxville, Tennessee,” she explained.

Returning to Pike County five years ago brought her full circle, where she discovered a profound sense of fulfillment in providing care to the community that means so much to her.

“I have been able to provide a wide range of medical care, and I have experienced many different opportunities, but am happy to have my career return me to Pike County. I have always considered Illinois my home and consider it an honor to be able to provide care for my community,” she shared.

Behind her journey is the support and inspiration she receives from the team at QMG. Together, they form a healthcare family devoted to their patients.

“The staff here at QMG keep me motivated and play a significant role in patient care,” she said. “Even after 36 years, I still relish the chance to make a positive impact on the lives of others every day.”

This week, we extend our recognition to all PAs, especially those here at QMG, whose dedication has touched the hearts and lives of countless individuals.